12th MAXNET Energy Meeting - 2017
11th MAXNET Energy Meeting / 2nd MAXNET Workshop 18/19 Oct 2016
10th MAXNET Meeting - 24th of May in Cardiff
UVA and MPG MAXNET Energy sign Memorandum of Understanding - April 2016

On the 30. of April, M. Stratmann and T. Sullivan signed the Memorandum of Understanding for close collaboration of the UVA and the MPG within MAXNET Energy.

UVA has also made a very nice movie presentation on research within MAXNET.

9th MAXNET Energy Meeting, 17th Feb. 2016, Harnack Haus
8th MAXNET Energy Meeting / 1st MAXNET Energy Workshop, Nov. 19/20 2015
7th MAXNET Meeting, 3. June 2015, Harnack Haus Berlin
6th MAXNET Energy Meeting, 13./14. Apr. 2015 MPI CEC
5th MAXNET Energy Meeting, 19th Jan. 2015, Harnack Haus
4th MAXNET Energy Meeting, 28th Nov 2014
3rd MAXNET Energy Meeting, 8 Sept 2014
2nd MAXNET Energy Meeting in April 2014
Kickoff Meeting Dec 2013